Curling Membership Information

The St. Catharines Golf and Country Club offers a flexible and diverse set of membership options for the curling section.  Please take a moment to review the options listed below and do not hesitate to contact the Membership Coordinator Lana Duff, if you have any questions at all.  

New Member & Welcome Back Promotion
New members to the Club as well as past members who did not curl in the previous season are eligible to receive a one-time discount on their activity fee.  Please contact our Membership Coordinator Lana Duff for more information.

Curling Membership Information
The curling season at the Club runs from mid-October through to early April each year.  Curling is open to Golf Members and Club Members when they pay the Curling Activity Fee in November.  There are separate seasonal categories of membership as well.  These are members of the Club from October through April inclusive. One Day/Night, Friday Night, and Little Rockers have restrictions on when they can curl and use the Club.  All curling memberships automatically renew on November 1st each year. Any resignations must be submitted in writing to the Administration Office before October 31st.

Full Year Curling Membership
This is the activity fee paid every November by Club Members and Golf Members when they wish to curl. The fee allows the member to curl as often as they wish, any or all days of the week, at no additional charge. Members who wish to curl in the last half of the curling season only pay one-half of the Curling Activity Fee on January 1st. There is no refund for those who resign from curling mid-season.

Seasonal Curling Memberships (Unlimited & One Day/Night)
These memberships categories are intended for those who wish to belong to the Club only during the curling season. Unlimited Curling allows them to curl as often as they wish, any or all days of the week.  One Day/Night allows curling on a particular one day/night, once a week.  Senior Curlers are those aged 29 and up and Intermediate Curlers are those aged 19-28 years and curlers over the age of 24 who are attending school on a full-time basis.

Friday Night Mixed
Friday Night Mixed is a fun, social league with 6-ends of curling.  Members joining for the early draw have a set time of 5:15pm each week while those in the late draw will play at 7:30pm.

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Peter Scott
Curling Manager
905-682-8681 x230

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Lana Duff
Membership Coodinator
905-682-8681 x224

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