Club History

With the opening of a nine hole golf course in 1899, the St. Catharines Golf Club was the first golf course in the city of St. Catharines. Shortly after, in 1901, the Alexandra Golf Club opened co-existing on the Ridley College grounds. However, in 1909 the college needed the golf course land to expand its buildings and infrastructure. It was at this time that the St. Catharines Golf Club, and Alexandra Golf Club merged and used the nine hole golf course on Westchester Ave. as its home.

In July of 1947, renowned golf course architects Stanley Thompson and Robert Trent Jones were awarded the contract to construct an additional nine holes while renovating the existing nine. As a result, a 6,400 yard, eighteen hole golf course opened on Sunday June 12th, 1949.

In the late 1950’s, the Provincial Department of Highways planned to build a new highway linking Port Colborne and Welland, to the Queen Elizabeth Way north of St. Catharines. A deal was struck with the city and province to exchange seventeen acres of golf course land for sixty acres of land owned by the city. It was also agreed that the city and province cover the costs of the renovation project on the golf course. At this time, golf course architect C.E. Robinson was contracted and redesigned a new eighteen hole golf course. The new layout officially open on May 25th, 1963.

The following year, on May 23rd, 1964, a new clubhouse that included a curling rink and swimming pool officially opened. At this time, the club name was officially changed to the St. Catharines Golf and Country Club.

In 1997, work was done on the valley holes to help alleviate flooding problems which occurred after heavy rains. The work included, but was not limited to the rerouting of Dick's Creek, addition of wetland areas, removing the berm across the creek on hole #3 and replacing it with a bridge, and a new pond and waterfall on #7.

Recently, the golf course underwent a renovation project under the direction of architect Ian Andrew. The foundation of this project was to expand the water storage capacity for a new irrigation system that has now been installed. At the same time, work was also done on several holes to enhance our members' golf experience.

A short game practice facility, which is second to none in the region, has been added to allow our members to practice this all important aspect of their golf game.  Combined with the new gate and wrought iron fence at the front entrance to the club, this beautiful facility presents a wonderful, first impression for any visitor or guest to our club.

Mr. Andrew also updated the course master plan and, in the coming years, will direct projects that will complete the changes laid out in this master plan.

Clubhouse Circa 1909

Circa 1920 ~ (l to r): Dr. W.J. Loftus, Charles Langley, unknown, Thomas A. Nicolson, Thomas K. McNamara, (l to r):  Bob Brooks, Alex Mackenzie (professional), W.J. Wood, Ross Wilson

Circa 1938 ~ Bill Gittings is on the first tee