Ice - The Playing Surface

Curling is played on a ‘sheet’ of ice approximately 45 metres long by 5 metres wide with a target, the ‘house’, marked at each end.  The house consists of three rings which act as a visual aid for aiming and judging which stone is closer to the centre.  The smallest circle in the house is called the button.  Blocks or ‘Hacks’ are fixed at each end of the sheet to give the person delivering the stone something to push against.

The two lines between the houses are called the hog lines.  The players must release the stone before they reach the first hog line and the stone must cross the far hog line to be in play.  The line behind the house is called the back line. Once a stone fully crosses this line it is out of play.

The line in the middle of the rink is called the centre line and is used by the players to line up their shots.