How To Play

Curling is a fun and challenging game combining physical and mental skill.  It is one of the few sports where all ages, genders and abilities can play together and against each other.  Two teams take turns delivering stones down the ice attempting to get closer to the centre of the target or ‘house’, than their opponents.  Each team consists of four players called the lead, second, third (or vice) and skip, who each deliver two stones in that order.  The skips are the team captains and direct their team on which shots to play.

When all sixteen stones have been played, an 'end' of curling is complete.  A team scores one point for each stone which is closer to the centre of the house than any of the opposition's stones.  Only stones touching the house are counted for scoring purposes.

The team that scores in the previous end plays first in the next end.  This means that the non-scoring team gets the advantage of having the last stone.  Games are played in approximately 2 hours or until an agreed maximum number of ends are complete.  The winner is the team with the most points at the end of the game.