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April Newsletter

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April Newsletter

WOW that was a long winter! Glad to change the calendar to April, now we could use some warm temps.

Looking at the long range forecast the temps are not very warm let’s hope that changes, we need warm temps to get the grass out of dormancy and to start growing before we open the course for the season. We will be starting to do the first cut on tees, fairways and greens this week and will know better by mid-week when we will be able to open, I don’t ever remember the course not open by the second week of April, Check the Club's website (Member Central) on course conditions or follow us on twitter for daily course updates starting April 01.

All the bunker work from last fall will be ready for play when we open some areas will be roped off to keep cart traffic of new sod and the new sod will be left to grow longer than our normal rough as this will allow for good root development. The bunker boards will be left in until this fall to allow for the sod to root and form the bunkers edge.

We removed close to 100 trees this winter most noticeable will be the valley on #8 and #12 and behind #4 green and left of #5 tee this was done to allow morning sun to reach the greens and help with air flow and growing conditions. All the stumps have all been ground down and will be seeded and marked with 2 pink flags until the seed has grown in, these areas will be GUR until the flags have been removed.

I have a tree company coming to remove a dead tree in the pool and to prune some dead wood out of another tree for safety as these branches could fall and injure someone down in the pool we will also be pruning the Elm tree for safety over by the warm up net. 

We had some soft conditions when we had to clean up the trees on the right side of #16 and some of the rough will need repairs, this area will also be marked with pink flags and can be played as ground under repair.

Yes its true I have a new dog his name is BEEZER and he is husky/black lab, I have started to train him to chase geese and so far so good as we have already had many geese start to frequent the pond, with a little luck he will take over were Harley left off  by mid-summer. He is very friendly and I will be glad to introduce you to him just wave me over.

We are working on getting a Course Blog up and running there are a few glitches but I am looking forward to posting weekly pictures and reports as to what is happening on the course , I hope to keep the membership better informed and to get feedback from the members weekly , better communications will make for a better experience at the club.

I have been working on getting some history of the golf course as we do not have a lot of photos of the course past the 70s, with the help of my Assistant Dan Sliasas and Doug Geddie and Dennis Gannon we have come up with some amazing photos. I will have them on display at the spring social, please come and have a look I think you will be impressed. I would also like all members to have a look for any photos of the course pre 1980 and bring them in to me as I would love to see them.

It has been a hard winter on the parking lot and we will begin patching as soon as the weather allows.

I have manage to get 3 Vimy Oaks to plant at the golf club I got the trees from the VIMY OAKS LEGACY they are helping to promote the memory of Canadian’s that fought in the First World War, they are descendants of acorns gathered after the battle of Vimy Ridge and planted in Canada by a Canadian soldier, Lieutenant Leslie Miller more details can be found on their website

Well it won’t be long now we will be seeing each other on the course the Leafs are in the play offs looks like a good spring see you all soon “FORE”
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