Lightning is a Severe Hazard that must be Viewed Seriously!

Players should stop play and seek shelter any time they believe lightning threatens them, even if a signal has not been sounded.

Players will be warned of a red alert by our Thor Guard Lightning prediction system which sounds one prolonged blast (15 seconds) signaling suspension of play. The horn clusters are located on the roof of the Golf Shop and behind the waterfall between holes 6, 7, and 15.

The system will be activated if there is a threat of cloud to ground lightning (the type most dangerous to golfers) within the area.

The system will be activated when the potential for cloud to ground lightning is within a certain point, as recommended by the manufacturer, Thor Guard.

Please proceed to the nearest shelter which should be the fieldhouse or the clubhouse.

The system has allowed 8-20 minutes, depending on the speed of the storm, to get to the appropriate areas to avoid injury.

The reason we want members to go to the designated areas is to enable us to account for all members who are on the course.

When the danger has passed, 3 sharp blasts of the horn will indicate that it is safe to return to the course.

We insist that all members follow the warnings of the system.

Please do not ask staff to retrieve clubs or power caddies during a "Red Alert" since their safety will be jeopardized.

We appreciate your cooperation.

Basic Lightning Safety

Maintenance Buildings
On-Course Bulidings
Automobiles / Trucks
Lightning Shelters

Open Areas
Tall Trees
Metal Fences
Overhead Wires & Power Lines
Elevated Ground
Golf Carts
Cellular Phones