Monday Night Rated League

The Monday Night Rated League is open to all men, women, couples and individuals of all skill levels. Singles and couples are welcome to join the league. The league coordinator will form teams if necessary although most skips form their own teams. Mixing up teams from year to year is encouraged and experienced skips are encouraged to bring new curlers on board to help with their indoctrination into curling. This year, the season will be divided into two separate sessions. Each session will play a Round Robin format for points to determine each session’s winners. The level of competition in this league varies from casual to moderate. It provides a chance for graduates of our Adult Learn to Curl program and other new curlers to learn the game with other experienced curlers and a home for those playing front end on the competitive nights to gain experience as a skip or vice. There is a strong ‘fun’ and ‘social’ aspect to curling on Monday nights. It’s a great way to welcome new curlers into our club and to work on getting a few kinks out. 
  • League play: Monday Evenings: Early Draw 6:05 pm - Late Draw 8:35 pm (if necessary)
  • League Coordinator: Sean Colville


Tuesday Night Open League

The Tuesday Night Open League is an open gender, semi-competitive to very competitive league, open to all club members. This league is very popular and is often oversubscribed. It is an ‘Open’ League, meaning Skips generally select and submit their teams; however, individual signups are welcome and encouraged.
Teams will need to submit their rosters to the League Coordinator before or at the Club’s Open House / Social traditionally held in either the second or third week of September.
Submitted teams are then seeded into two pools.  An A Pool (top 12 teams) and a B Pool (lower ranked 12 teams). Seeding is based on the discretion of the League Coordinator. For the league’s first session, each team will play an 11-game round robin. Two points will be assigned to each of the winning teams, zero points for the losing team and teams will split the points in an event of a tie. Once the first session of 11-game round robin is complete, round robin standings will determine the seeding of an A Pool consisting of the top 8 teams, a B Pool of the mid-ranked 8 teams and a C Pool of the remaining 8 teams. The second session will consist of a 7-game round robin play conducted within the respective pools.
Upon completion, the second session round robins play and again teams MAY be reseeded in a ladder format for the playoffs at the discretion of the League Coordinator.
The winner of the A Pool playoff will become the champions of the Tuesday Night Open League. Respectively, the playoff winners for the B & C pools will become Division winners.
  • League play: Tuesday Evenings: Early Draw 6:05 pm - Late Draw 8:35 pm
  • League Coordinator: Peter Scott


Wednesday Night Open League

The Wednesday Night Open league is open to all men, women, couples or individuals of all skill levels who are interested in 8 ends of casual, friendly non-competitive mid-week play. Like the Monday Night Rated league, this too offers front ends on the competitive nights to skip their own team and a home for those graduates of our Adult Learn to Curl program. Teams will play a full round robin session to determine seeding. For the second and third rounds, teams will play a ladder system while in their respective pools for points. Playoffs will then commence with teams assigned in the top and bottom half of the league.


Thursday Evening League

On Thursday evenings, the Men play down to determine our Club Champions. This league is capped at 24 teams with new teams welcome. Each team will play in a full season round robin format. Upon completion of the round robin, teams are seeded into four groups of 6, then playoff for their respective Flight Championship. The A Flight winners will be crowned the Club Champions and are eligible to represent the St. Catharines Golf & Country Club in the Travellers Club Champions Bonspiel for following fall. This league is considered our most competitive; however, most levels of skill are covered. Most enjoy the ‘sports bar’ atmosphere in our Member Lounge post-game. 
  • League play: Thursday Evenings: Early Draw 6:05 pm - Late Draw 8:35 pm
  • League Coordinator: Jamie Pearson


Friday Night Social League

If it’s Friday then, it’s time for a little Friday Night Social Curling. Here is your excuse to sneak out of the office early. Putting the FUN and SOCIAL back into curling Friday Nights. No need to curl a full 8 ends; instead, we curl a short 6 ends and head back up to the Member Lounge to continue our end of week festivities. Friday Night Social is perfect for couples to reconnect after a long work week on & off the ice. Individuals sign up and meet new friends. The league offers the perfect winter escape to the end of the week. Most come for the atmosphere first, then the curling. Register for either the early draw or late draw, or, double your fun and play both!
  • League Play: Thursday Evenings: First Draw 5:15 pm - Second Draw 7:00 pm
  • League Coordinator: Karen Cameron


Tuesday Day Ladies League

Tuesday Day Ladies belongs to our women's league.  This league is a social league with friendly competition.  All skill levels are welcome.  Each curling season consists of three draws.  All games start at 9:30 and eight ends are played.  Games are generally finished by 11:30am.  Points are accumulated by individuals and the season ends with club playoffs.


Wednesday Afternoon Curling League

Join us for some Wednesday Afternoon Curling fun. This league play is divided into 3 separate sessions. Each player is ‘rated’ according to their skill. Teams are then set by the League Coordinator. Teams play 8-end round robin games (min of 6 ends). Winning teams will be assessed 5 points for the win, 2 ½ points for a tie game, 1 point for each end won, ½ a point for a blank end and ¼ points per rocks scored. Each winning team will receive 1 ¼ points for each of the last two ends not played. If a team cannot be fielded, the non-offending team will be assessed 12 ½ points for the win. 

Individual points allocated to league members are retained after each session. Each league member will receive 1 point per game (including a point for finding themselves a spare); 1 point will be removed from their total if they do not find a spare (Week 1 exempt). At the end of each session, each member of the team will receive a point for each placing in the standings. Once all three sessions are complete, the league member with the most accumulated points for each session in their respective rated position will determine the rated league winners.


Thursday Morning Mixed Doubles League

Interested in Doubles Curling? We offer that as well. Signup with your Doubles partner or as an individual. Our Thursday Morning Mixed Doubles League is a fun, fast paced game suitable for all ages and genders. Each end begins with two stationary stones positioned in play prior to the start of the end. Here is a posted detailed description of the rules.