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Course Updates

Things are starting to green up in the valley we should get a first cut on the greens next week
Posted: 4/2/2018 5:35:58 PM by Dennis Piccolo | with 0 comments

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Dennis Piccolo

Yes, it’s true Harley has passed on. He would have been 14 this November.  Harley lived a great life chasing geese and getting cookies from members (Cheryl) and the occasional snack from Dar at the Fieldhouse.  He was a big part of my family at home and will be missed by my 2 sons, Gerrit and Joshua, and my wife Deb. I would like to thank all the members for their kind words and David Wilson and all the staff of Wilson Animal Hospital for taking such good care of Harley over the years.  At this time, there are no plans to replace Harley but, don’t worry, I have learned many tricks over the years and have become a goose whisper. Geese will not make our course their home. 
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